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Robert Pemberton – How Hackers Can Hack Your Phone and How to Stop Them Details

  • Title: How Hackers Can Hack Your Phone and How to Stop Them
  • Genre: Computers
  • Author: Robert Pemberton
  • Release: September 30, 2019
  • Publisher: Robert Pemberton

How Hackers Can Hack Your Phone and How to Stop Them – Robert Pemberton Overview

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Every day, millions of hackers are actively trying to steal your money or get hold of your personal information or steal your identity so they can sell it for profit. The perfect target for them to accomplish this is your cell phone. These days, almost every man woman and child has a cell phone and they store a whole range of personal data including credit card information, account balances, cryptocurrency wallets, driver’s license details and social security details. Your phone is also the gateway to your online banking accounts, social media accounts and other places you visit with your cell phone’s built-in browser. Your phone can remember your login details to these accounts and so a hacker is potentially only a click away from gaining access to these. But there are other more clandestine hackers who could use your phone as a false flag by placing illegal images or classified info on your phone and use you as the ‘fall guy’ in a bigger political game. You could even end up with a black helicopter hovering above your house at night, flood lighting your property with a SWAT team ready to enter your house to arrest you, confiscate your phone, and plant fake information on it. They would then identify you as the criminal because you are responsible for what is on your phone. Whilst this seems farfetched and reminiscent of something out of the movies, the truth is stranger than fiction and this type of situation has actually happened to various unfortunate victims. The aim of this book is to teach you how to ensure it never gets to this, and to keep the hackers away.

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